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Close your eyes and imagine your wedding ceremony! Your family and friends are gathered, anxiously waiting for the wedding ceremony to begin. The sounds of a string quartet with harp and flute gently drift through the air, setting the tone for the entire, magical day. “A Wedding By The Lake” is a new collection of “Easy Listening with a Light Classical Flavor” music, composed by R.J. Mitchell, specifically for weddings. The elegant 17 track collection includes music for before, during and after your wedding ceremony, including the distinctive processionals "Rose Petals" and "White Lace," and the very popular recessional "Jubilation."


Try out "As We Gather" to see if it puts you in a "Wedding Mood!" Just click the word "DOWNLOAD" on the music player, and it's yours!

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You can play one or all the tracks at a wedding ceremony! Sheet music is also available in many formats (flute, piano, string quartet)for live performance. See the "Sheet Music Store!"
"A Wedding By The Lake" CD - String Quartet, Harp and Flute

"A Wedding By The Lake" features string quartet, harp and flute. 17 easy listening selections with a “classical’ music flavor. You can create an elegant atmosphere for your wedding with this beautiful new music. Use certain selections or the entire collection for a wedding ceremony or just enjoy the recordings for relaxing listening!.

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"A Wedding By The Lake" - Mp3 Download
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Download "A Wedding By The Lake" complete CD featuring string quartet, harp and flute. 17 elegant classical music pieces by composer R.J. Mitchell. All the music you need for a uniquely elegant wedding ceremony.

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Listen to “A Wedding By The Lake” individual tracks HERE!

"White Lace: New Classical Wedding Music" CD

“A Wedding By The Lake” composer R.J. Mitchell records the music from “AWBTL.” The "White Lace: New Classical Wedding Music" CD includes 17 elegant easy-listening  solo piano pieces that are sure to please. This CD can also be used for wedding ceremonies. Note for note piano transcriptions are available in “Piano Solos” (Sheet Music Download) These make a great gift for all pianists!

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"White Lace: Piano for Weddings" - Mp3 Download
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Download "White Lace: Piano for Weddings." 17 elegant pieces performed on piano by composer R.J. Mitchell.

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Listen to “White Lace” CD individual tracks HERE!

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