FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD - "A Wedding By The Lake - Musical Excerpts"

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You will hear 30 seconds of these beautiful pieces which are perfect for wedding ceremonies. Listen and enjoy them at your convenience.

1. "Jubilation" (Processional or Recessional)
2. "Rose Petals" (Bridal Party or Bride and Bridal Party Processional)
3. "White Lace" - (Processional)
4. "A Mother's Love" (Short Version)
5. "As We Gather" (Short Version)
6. "Prelude To Romance"
7. "The Journey Ahead"
8. "Candle"
9. "Cupid's Fancy"
10. "Altar Of Love"
11. "Hopes And Dreams"
12. "Danse D'Amour"
13. "With This Ring"
14. "To Love and Be Loved"
15. "Something Old, Something New"
16. "As We Gather" (Full Version)
17. "A Mother's Love" (Full Version)


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