AWBTL - 15 Flute Solos with Piano Accompaniment Complete (Download)


AWBTL - 15 Flute Solos with Piano Accompaniment Complete (Download)

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15 flute solos with recorded (mp3) and sheet music (pdf) piano accompaniment from the "A Wedding By The Lake" collection. This collection includes: “Rose Petals”, “White Lace” and “Jubilation!”

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Top selling “AWBTL - Flute Solos with Piano Accompaniment” is a collection that all flautists will want to perform. This package contains sheet music for flute and piano (pdf) plus a recording of the piano accompaniment (mp3) for the flautist to perform with. The package contains the very popular wedding processionals, “Rose Petals” and “White Lace,” along with the top selling recessional, “Jubilation.” The 15 selections are perfect for before, during and after a wedding ceremony, during cocktail hours, dinner and general performance. This collection will provide hours of enjoyment for performers and listeners alike. (DOWNLOAD ONLY)

  1. As We Gather

  2. A Mother’s Love

  3. Rose Petals

  4. White Lace

  5. Jubilation

  6. Prelude To Romance

  7. The Journey Ahead

  8. Candle

  9. Cupid’s Fancy

  10. Altar of Love

  11. Hopes and Dreams

  12. Danse D’Amour

  13. With This Ring

  14. To Love and Be Loved

  15. Something Old, Something New