Just Scores - String Quartet Scores


Just Scores - String Quartet Scores

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Just the string quartet scores! Follow along the exact sheet music arrangements as found on the CD. Elevate your listening experience or study expert arranging and voice leading! This is a perfect compliment to the "A Wedding By The Lake" CD.

1. As We Gather - Key of C
2. A Mother’s Love – Key of C

3. Rose Petals – Key of F
4. White Lace (Processional) – Key of C
5. Jubilation (Recessional) – Key of G
6. Prelude to Romance – Key of C
7. The Journey Ahead – Key of B Minor
8. Candle – Key of F
9. Cupid’s Fancy – Key of C
10. Altar of Love - Key of G
11. Hopes and Dreams – Key of C
12. Danse D’Amour – Key of C
13. With This Ring – Key of F
14. To Love and Be Loved – Key of G
15. Something Old, Something New – Key of G

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Follow along the wedding ceremony music on the A Wedding By The Lake CD with beautifully printed musical scores. You can print the sheet music scores out or just follow along on a computer. RJ is also a widely published choral music composer and an expert at voice leading. Study up and see how he does it!