Lead Sheets by R.J. Mitchell

Lead Sheets
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15 Lead Sheets with 12 BONUS keys!

A total of 27 Lead Sheets to accommodate musicians who want to play the melodies and make up accompaniments. These Lead Sheets also work well if you would like to add a guitar or keyboard accompaniment without the restrictions of a note for note arrangement.

Lead Sheets:

1. As We Gather - Keys of C, G
2. A Mother’s Love – Key of C
3. Rose Petals – Key of F
4. White Lace (Processional) – Keys of C,G,F,BFlat
5. Jubilation (Recessional) – Keys of G,D,BFlat

6. Prelude to Romance – Keys of C, G
7. The Journey Ahead – Key of B Minor
8. Candle – Keys of F, D
9. Cupid’s Fancy – Keys of C, G
10. Altar of Love - Keys of C, G
11. Hopes and Dreams – Key of C, G
12. Danse D’Amour – Key of C
13. With This Ring - Key of F
13. With This Ring – Bonus - Key of F
14. To Love and Be Loved – Key of G
15. Something Old, Something New – Key of G

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