Lead Sheets from "A Wedding By The Lake"


Lead Sheets from "A Wedding By The Lake"

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15 Lead Sheets with 12 BONUS keys!

A total of 27 Lead Sheets from the “A Wedding By The Lake” collection to accommodate musicians who want to play the melodies and make up accompaniments. These Lead Sheets also work well if you would like to add a guitar or keyboard accompaniment without the restrictions of a note for note arrangement.

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Lead Sheets:

  1. As We Gather - Keys of C, G
  2. A Mother’s Love – Key of C
  3. Rose Petals – Key of F
  4. White Lace (Processional) – Keys of C,G,F,BFlat
  5. Jubilation (Recessional) – Keys of G,D,BFlat
  6. Prelude to Romance – Keys of C, G
  7. The Journey Ahead – Key of B Minor
  8. Candle – Keys of F, D
  9. Cupid’s Fancy – Keys of C, G
  10. Altar of Love - Keys of C, G
  11. Hopes and Dreams – Key of C, G
  12. Danse D’Amour – Key of C 13. With This Ring - Key of F
  13. With This Ring – Bonus - Key of F
  14. To Love and Be Loved – Key of G
  15. Something Old, Something New – Key of G