"A Wedding By The Lake" - New Classical Music CD

String Quartet, Harp and Flute

“A Wedding By The Lake” is a new, elegant classical music CD that features string quartet with occasional harp and flute.  The seventeen tracks have wonderful melodies with various tempos and time signatures. Many of the arrangements were written using popular song forms producing complete musical thoughts in less than three minutes…think songs without words. Composer R.J. Mitchell has published many choral pieces with major publishers and is an expert at vocal and string musical voice leading. Upon closer listening, your will marvel at the beauty of the individual parts which weave their way around each other producing a glorious musical masterpiece.

“A Wedding By The Lake” is a perfect addition to the CD collections of lovers of classical music, chamber music and string quartet music. To enhance your listening pleasure, exact sheet music transcriptions are available. Combine the “A Wedding By The Lake” CD with the “Just Scores” collection for a gift that the music lovers in your life will enjoy for many years to come.

Put your feet up, pour a glass of wine and prepare yourself to relax and enjoy this beautiful music.

PLEASE NOTE: “A Wedding By The Lake” has been marketed mainly to the wedding industry but is so much more.  It is a classical CD that you will want to own and listen to or give as a gift.


"A Wedding By The Lake" CD
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"A Wedding By The Lake" CD featuring string quartet, harp and flute. 17 elegant classical music pieces by composer R.J. Mitchell. Processionals and recessional with music for before, during and after a wedding ceremony. Easy to use with instructions on the CD cover. You can create an elegant atmosphere for your wedding with this beautiful new music.

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"A Wedding By The Lake" - Mp3 Download
9.99 12.99

Download "A Wedding By The Lake" complete CD featuring string quartet, harp and flute. 17 elegant classical music pieces by composer R.J. Mitchell. All the music you need for a uniquely elegant wedding ceremony. Instructions on how to use this CD can be found on this website.

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Just Scores - String Quartet Scores
12.95 19.95

Just the string quartet scores! Follow along the exact sheet music arrangements as found on the CD. Elevate your listening experience or study expert arranging and voice leading! This is a perfect compliment to the "A Wedding By The Lake" CD.

1. As We Gather - Key of C
2. A Mother’s Love – Key of C

3. Rose Petals – Key of F
4. White Lace (Processional) – Key of C
5. Jubilation (Recessional) – Key of G
6. Prelude to Romance – Key of C
7. The Journey Ahead – Key of B Minor
8. Candle – Key of F
9. Cupid’s Fancy – Key of C
10. Altar of Love - Key of G
11. Hopes and Dreams – Key of C
12. Danse D’Amour – Key of C
13. With This Ring – Key of F
14. To Love and Be Loved – Key of G
15. Something Old, Something New – Key of G

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