Printing Tips

Perfect Classical Wedding Ceremony Music

A Wedding By The Lake Sheet Music will be downloaded to you as a pdf file. Most computers have a program that will open  pdf files, if not you can download the free program, “Adobe Reader” at:

  • Some of the collections, (especially "String Quartet Bundle") have many pages, including many FREE BONUS ARRANGEMENTS for you to enjoy. The new "Easy Print" version of the "String Quartet Bundle" makes printing and organizing the music for performance a breeze! 
  • The “Table of Contents” page will help you find the music that you want quickly. Use the page counter, at the top, to navigate through the many pages. Just type in the number and press enter!
  • Important Setting: on Windows: “Adobe Reader”: Edit > Preferences > Page Content and Information > Uncheck “Use logical page numbers” On a Mac: “Adobe Reader” > Preferences > Page Content and Information > Uncheck “Use logical page numbers”

Tips on making this music purchase more enjoyable.

  • Only PRINT what you need right now! Save your ink! Save the trees!
  • You might also be able to play some of the music directly from your computer screen.
  • Print using brighter, heavier paper. (96 Brightness and 24 Weight work well!)The music will look as good as it sounds and will last longer. Original Pages are 8.5” X 11”.
  • Use a three-hole punch for the music and keep the arrangements in a three-ring binder.

(Except for the String Quartet Scores, ALL other parts were deliberately set up to AVOID PAGE TURNS.)

  • Some printers might work better using “Print in High Quality Grey Scale” or “Black Ink Only” types of commands. Make sure your BLACK INK TANK has sufficient ink in it.
  • Almost empty ink tanks might produce really bad staves.
  • On your PRINT screen, check paper source by PDF page size. (Use 8.5” X 11” paper.)

All music has been test printed on various types of printers with great success. Enjoy!

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