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Music for your wedding is a very personal decision. Listen to see if this new music is right for you. “A Wedding By The Lake” is a new collection of music, by composer R.J. Mitchell, specifically written for weddings. It features string quartet, harp and flute. The music can be described as “Easy-Listening with a Light Classical Flavor." It is a perfect choice for an elegant wedding ceremony, cocktail hour or general relaxing listening. The 17 track collection includes the distinctive processionals "Rose Petals" and "White Lace," and the very popular recessional "Jubilation." 

The music is available on CD, mp3 and a variety of sheet music formats (Flute with Piano Accompaniment, Solo Piano, Violin with Piano, Cello with Piano and String Quartet (trio,duo) for live performance. See below for sheet music! (These collections come with sheet music AND recorded accompaniments!) BUY NOW FROM THIS SECURE SITE!


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15 Piano Solos (Sheet Music Download)
19.95 24.95

15 Easy Listening Piano Solos from the "A Wedding By The Lake" Collection which can be found on the "White Lace" CD. (Also available as mp3 download.) This collection includes the processionals “Rose Petals” and “White Lace,” and the popular recessional “Jubilation!” You get everything you need to perform a unique wedding ceremony!

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AWBTL - 15 Flute Solos with Piano Accompaniment Complete (Download)
19.95 24.95

15 flute solos with recorded (mp3) and sheet music (pdf) piano accompaniment from the "A Wedding By The Lake" collection. This collection includes: “Rose Petals”, “White Lace” and “Jubilation!”

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AWBTL - String Quartets Complete Easy Print II (Download)
35.95 49.95

"A Wedding By The Lake" - 15 String Quartets of various styles which can also be performed as trios, duos and other configurations. This collection includes: “Rose Petals”, “White Lace” and “Jubilation!”

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More Sheet Music For Wedding Ceremonies

Sheet Music Example  All sheet music sold as DOWNLOAD ONLY, and is formatted for standard 8.5" X 11" paper. All collections and CDs include processionals, recessionals, preludes and postludes - everything you need for a perfect wedding ceremony. Besides the piano solos, all other pieces for flute, violin and cello come with both recorded mp3 accompaniments and sheet music. Soloist can practice or perform with pre-recorded accompaniments.

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"White Lace: New Classical Wedding Music" CD

“A Wedding By The Lake” composer R.J. Mitchell records the music from “AWBTL.” The "White Lace: New Classical Wedding Music" CD includes 17 elegant easy-listening  solo piano pieces that are sure to please. This CD can also be used for wedding ceremonies. Note for note piano transcriptions are available in “Piano Solos” (Sheet Music Download) These make a great gift for all pianists!

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