"Rose Petals"

“Rose Petals” is a romantic selection that is a perfect processional for the bridal party and bride. It also is a beautiful, mood setting piece for gathering music before the wedding ceremony. The version on the CD features string quartet with harp. It starts with a solo harp joined by the most beautiful cello solo you will ever hear. The entire “A Wedding By The Lake” CD is an enjoyable listen for anyone who likes classical music.

To have “Rose Petals” played during your wedding ceremony, you can purchase the CD or download mp3 files and have a DJ play it for you. If you would like live performers for your ceremony, you can purchase and download sheet music in a variety of musical formats. (You can also ask your performers to purchase the sheet music for you.) The music is easy to medium difficulty and won’t take long for musicians to learn. This is a great way to make your wedding ceremony different than all the others that you have attended.

Sheet music arrangements are available for flute solos and duets, violin solos, piano solos, string quartet with and without harp and more. All necessary music is included.

Watch the “Rose Petals String Quartet Sheet Music Video.” You can view the string quartet score while you listen to the music. All individual parts are included with the purchase (Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Harp).

Watch the “Rose Petals Slideshow Video.” This is very romantic!

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