R.J. Mitchell – Wedding Music Expert - Let Me Introduce Myself

I plan on posting a lot of useful and entertaining information about one of my favorite topics...weddings. I worked in the wedding industry for 30 years as a band leader and DJ and have a lot of great stories to share. I am also a widely published composer. Just to earn your trust, I would like to share a brief biography with you.

I graduated from the Crane School of Music in northern New York, where I studied classical piano, trumpet and composition. I helped finance my college education by playing gigs as a church organist and rock guitarist. After college, I played in a rock band for a few years and then started performing at weddings. I have performed at well over a thousand weddings over a 30 year period as a musician and DJ. I also taught public school music for 30 years and worked weddings on weekends as a band leader and a DJ. A passion of mine has always been musical composition and I have been able to publish a lot of music with major publishers.

I am a musician, composer, wedding entertainer and educator. What does that mean for you?

Wedding Entertainer – I worked at well over a thousand wedding ceremonies and receptions. I’ve observed what works at weddings and things that really haven’t. My ultimate goal has been to help make each wedding the best it could possibly be. I have never failed.

Musician – I know and can play the music that gets performed at wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Composer – I observed over the years that the standard wedding ceremony music was tired, not really enjoyed by wedding guests and boring to live performers. I took on the task of creating music that was new and beautiful but not radically different from the standards. To help couple create a wedding ceremony that is totally different from other ceremonies, I arranged sheet music for various combinations of instrumentations. The entire wedding ceremony can be performed by live musicians, or maybe just one piece performed by a flautist, violinist, pianist etc. There are endless combinations. Remember, I performed at over a thousand weddings. My two CDs and downloadable sheet music were created with ease of use and playability in mind. There are over 600 pages of detailed sheet music. The entire project has taken me over six years to perfect.

Music Educator – During my teaching career, my goal was to guide my students to perform at their best personal level. The same things applied for weddings. I gave my honest opinion on different aspects of each wedding I performed at. Couples were always thankful to get an honest opinion.

My Music – “A Wedding By The Lake” and “White Lace: New Classical Wedding Music” are both designed to create an elegant mood for wedding ceremonies, cocktail parties and dinners. They are NOT “party” albums but are perfect for their intended use. My Goal – I would like to offer couples an elegant alternative for the music that is played at their wedding ceremony. Your consideration is all I could ever ask for. The final decision is yours!

Listen to classical musical examples HERE.

Thanks for reading my blog. I have some great things planned for you.


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