Will Your Guests “Tune Out” During Your Wedding Ceremony?

The Bride is beautiful, the flowers are beautiful, the setting is beautiful but the music and readings are the same as the last 20 wedding that you’ve attended. Keep your guests interested. Read more to learn how to make your wedding ceremony new and exciting.

From what I’ve observed performing at weddings over a thirty year period, guests do tune out during ceremonies. Why? Wedding ceremonies can be very predictable. A lot of it is due to the music. Most of the time it is the same old, “Canon in D” to “Here Comes The Bride” which has been played at a billion wedding ceremonies. Same old, same old! Why that music is used so much is because there really isn’t any other music that is elegant and classy that was written specifically for wedding ceremonies. (I know because I researched this before I began this project.) That’s why I composed the music for “A Wedding By The Lake.”

Many guests tune out and just look forward to the party. The music for the ceremony is almost an afterthought even though the actual ceremony is the most important part of the day. It doesn’t have to be! The ceremony should be a thing of beauty that is customized to match the love of two people. That doesn’t mean that that there has to be radical changes in order to get a “rise” out of the guests. (The Bride walking down the aisle to “Twist and Shout” is probably not what you would want!) Subtle, tasteful changes will keep your guests interested in your wedding ceremony.

It took me six years to compose, record and arrange music that is perfectly suited for wedding ceremonies. It creates the perfect mood for your wedding celebration. The CDs are great but the real beauty of this collection is the availability of sheet music in many formats to make it easy to add either a little or a lot of live music to your ceremony. Having a full string quartet perform for the ceremony would the ultimate. It is also probably the most expensive. (AWBTL was expertly arranged in order to sound fantastic even as a trio.) How about a flute or flute duet? Maybe violin, cello or piano solos? All the arrangements sound wonderful and are very playable. Sheet music options are listed on the HOME page.

Do you want to turn your wedding ceremony into a concert? Of course not! However, a simple flute or cello solo three minutes before the ceremony begins will add that uniqueness that your guests will remember. It will make the union of the Bride and Groom more spectacular!

My goal was to create music that is elegant and classy that is perfectly suited for wedding ceremonies. Mission accomplished! Now you have a wonderful option to create the one-of-a kind wedding ceremony.

I hope this helps. Have fun!


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