How Sheet Music Can Make Your Wedding Ceremony Extra Special

Every couple wants their wedding to be as unique as their love. So how can you make your wedding ceremony different than all the others that you and your guests have attended? You can have the wedding ceremony at a unique location; have different readings and even more, have new music with some live performance.

What always comes to mind for me is a church scene in the movie “Wedding Crashers.” (This is a wonderful, romantic comedy but it does have some adult scenes, so don’t watch the unedited version with youngsters.) The movie really shows how predictable wedding ceremonies can be. The usual music with the usual handful of readings adds up to a predictable wedding ceremony.

How can you break away from the ordinary wedding ceremony? Original readings can be really nice. In my experience, short and well thought out readings are most effective. Once again, “Wedding Crashers” has a wedding ceremony scene that has the guests rolling their eyes, which is something that you will want to avoid.

New and different music can really make a big difference. A short performance by a live performer can easily add that personal touch to your wedding ceremony. Everybody knows or has a skilled musician in their family who would enjoy being a part of your wedding ceremony. By skilled musician, I mean someone who can play through a piece of music without any mistakes so the music sounds nice. The player doesn’t have to be a world class virtuoso but I would advise against a young inexperienced musician. Remember, adding a live performer is to add beauty to YOUR WEDDING CEREMONY. It is not to showcase someone’s playing ability.

You can listen to some beautiful original music that was composed with elegant wedding ceremonies in mind on this website. Listen to "A Wedding By The Lake." Listen to "White Lace: New Calssical Wedding Music."

SHEET MUSIC is available in many configurations making it easy to add that “special touch” of live, new music to your wedding ceremony. All pieces are easy to medium difficulty, enjoyable to listen to and are very playable. Music arrangements are for flute, violin, piano, cello, trumpet, and string quartet. To see a complete listing of available sheet music, go to the HOME page. You and your guests will appreciate live music.

Good luck and have fun planning your “one-of-a-kind” wedding ceremony.

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