Wedding Ceremony Music - Gathering Music - Part 1

Gathering music or preludes are pieces played starting 15 minutes before the wedding ceremony. The music creates a mood and sets the tone for the upcoming ceremony. Wedding ceremonies are happy events and the music should put your guests in a good mood no matter what the setting is. The music shouldn’t be loud and dominant but just loud enough to give the feeling that a special event is about to happen. The music can change keys, tempo and style which will provide variety and interest for the listener. For continuity, it is best to have the same performing group (live or recorded) perform the music for the entire ceremony. For a wedding ceremony using recorded music, it is very disjointed to have “Selection A” performed by a full orchestra, followed by “Selection B” performed by a harp, followed by “Selection C” a pipe organ, followed by “Selection D” a country song.

What type of music should be played? Most wedding ceremonies are elegant. The bride wears a beautiful gown, the bridesmaids wear gowns and the men wear tuxedos. That is elegant! Nothing says elegant like classical music. That’s why the old standards have been around so long. Wedding guests have heard these pieces over and over again. They are still great pieces of music but have fallen into the category of “same old, same old.” To keep a ceremony elegant, you don’t have to stray too far from the classics. You just need different music that will create the same results.

The music from “A Wedding By The Lake” was composed specifically for elegant wedding ceremonies. It is truly beautiful light classical music and creates the perfect atmosphere for a wedding without being totally predictable. Who wants a predictable wedding?

Listen to the light classical music of "A Wedding By The Lake" performed by string quartet, harp and flute.

Sometimes it is nice to have some live music, just a piece or two, right before the ceremony starts. If you would like some live music at your wedding, you can easily purchase and download sheet music in a variety of configurations. Your guests will really appreciate and most of all remember your wedding ceremony. Your wedding musicians will be ecstatic that they have something new to perform.

Even if you have a hard rocking theme, pig roast or any other unique ideas for your reception, classical music always works for the wedding ceremony.

I hope this helps! Have fun!


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