Wedding Ceremony Music - Processionals - Part 1

The processional is the most important piece of wedding ceremony music. It is when the beautiful bride makes her grand entrance. The mood has already been created during the gathering music. This is the big moment!

Processionals come in two formats: the big fanfare for just the bride and a mellower entrance of the bridal party followed by the bride.

Today, I’ll discuss the big fanfare. The gathering music is over, the music changes and the bridesmaids enter. (The groom and groomsmen are already at the altar.) There is a brief pause. Then there is a loud introduction and everybody knows that it is time to stand. The loud introduction is the reason why Wagner’s “Bridal March” has been played so much. (I did some research on “Here Comes The Bride” and there are many reasons why a bride shouldn’t choose this piece. That’s a topic for another blog.)

Being a widely published composer and a performer at well over a thousand weddings, I knew that my main wedding processional needed an attention getting introduction. There are no cue cards. Your guests need to know that it is time to stand!

Listen to “White Lace (Processional)” from the “A Wedding by The Lake” CD featuring string quartet harp and flute. This piece has been performed at many wedding ceremonies.

The exciting introduction makes a statement and guests will know it is time to stand. This is the bride’s big moment!

“White Lace (Processional)” also comes in a variety of sheet music configurations for live performance.

The fanfare comes in the introduction! Next time, I’ll talk about the music for a combined entrance of the bridal party followed by the bride. The wedding ceremony music that you choose is a very personal decision.

I hope this help. Have fun!