4th of July Wedding

Wedding themes based on holidays can be really fun. One 4th of July, I played piano for the wedding ceremony and DJ’d the reception afterwards. There were about 250 guests, who were ready to party at a resort on beautiful Lake George in northern New York State.

I’ve played piano for many wedding ceremonies at resorts, hotels and banquet facilities. I also accompanied various instrumentalists and vocalists. Some live music really makes a wedding special. Listen to some piano music for weddings.

This wedding ceremony was around 5PM and took place outside near the pool, overlooking the lake...really nice! The ceremony was lovely. There were a lot of red, white and blue flowers and ribbons that created a patriotic look. The centerpieces on the table were also very patriotic.

As I mentioned, this group was ready to party and so was I. I took them through different styles and musical eras and the dance floor was constantly packed. The walls of the banquet room were windows so you could see the lake. It was a beautiful warm, humid, summer evening. As it started getting dark you could see the lights on the motor boats light up and you could see the large steamboats sail by...nice.

At this point, I was feeling pretty good about the way the night was going. Then all of a sudden someone shouted, “The fireworks are starting!” What???!!! You never saw a room clear out so fast! Fortunately, the party was getting close to the contracted ending time. When something happens that interrupts the flow of a party, sometimes you can get the group back, sometimes not. As it was, everybody already had a wonderful time, so if they all decided to just hang out by the lake and enjoy the evening, it would have been OK. I played “Stars and Stripes Forever” and some other Sousa marches at a volume that the guests could hear but not be dominant, which would take away from the fireworks. Volume is always an extremely important consideration at a wedding.

Within an hour of the announcement of the fireworks, everybody was back on the dance floor with a new feeling of patriotism and the party rocked on for a couple more hours. I announced to the very appreciative group that the fireworks were part of my “Deluxe Holiday Wedding Package!” (I don’t think they bought it.)

Happy 4th of July everyone!


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