Musical Instrumentation for Wedding Ceremonies

What type of instrumentation would perfectly suit your personality and the setting for your wedding ceremony music?

Of course, if your wedding ceremony is in a church, the classic organ or pipe organ has been traditional. Many churches also have pianos so that is another option. In either case adding a solo instrument like flute or violin or a vocalist is common. I’ve accompanied many instrumentalists and singers in a variety of wedding settings.

If you would like to add flute, you can find flute sheet music arrangements of “A Wedding By The Lake” here. My wife’s major instrument in music college was flute and mine was piano. We performed many weddings together.

Many wedding ceremonies take place right at the banquet facility where the reception is held. I’ve played many ceremonies on piano in hotel lobbies, around the pool, in the garden and in the main reception room. Piano works great in these environments.

The CD “White Lace: New Classical Wedding Music” is perfect if you are having the music played by a DJ or the banquet facility staff. The exact piano sheet music transcriptions are available for immediate download if you are hiring a live pianist.

What about lawn weddings, ceremonies under a tent, at a gazebo, by a lake or in a park? Surely a recording of a large orchestra or pipe organ is really inappropriate. “Unplugged” wedding music is the most believable for these types of settings. You can consider a solo instrument or duet like flute, violin, guitar, harp or a string quartet or trio. I’ve seen them all performing music that is intimate and elegant for the wedding ceremony.

The music for the “A Wedding By The Lake” CD was created for this reason. The instrumentation on this CD is string quartet, harp and flute which is perfect for an outside wedding ceremony. Even if this CD is played by a DJ and used for an outside ceremony, it sounds organic. Close your eyes and you will think that a live string quartet is performing. There are instructions on the CD to help organize the ceremony.

If you would like to hire a live string quartet or trio, you can find the exact string quartet sheet music transcriptions for easy download. Sheet music is also available for flute solos and duets and other solo instruments.

Good luck and have fun!

I hope this helps.