A Bride's Quote

This is an excerpt from a note I just received from a future bride who purchased the sheet music for the recessional “Jubiliation.”

“I discovered your music when searching for "recessional music" on YouTube. I have been to between 30 and 40 weddings in the past 10 years and I have heard so many of the same songs as part of a wedding ceremony, so I was looking for something I hadn't heard before and I came across "Jubilation."

It’s true that the same old music gets performed over and over again. I worked at well over a thousand weddings as a musician and DJ. Every couple I ever met wanted their special day to be different than all of their friends. That’s why I devoted several years to creating this new elegant wedding ceremony music. This music is for you!

Listen to “A Wedding By The Lake” CD (especially “White Lace,” “Rose Petals,” and “Jubilation.” These are the processionals and recessional) featuring string quartet, harp and flute, and “White Lace: New Wedding Ceremony Music” which is solo piano performed by me. Other music on the CDs can be used for gathering music, the receiving line, seating of the mothers and other parts of the wedding ceremony.

You can combine the recorded music with live performance with the downloadable sheet music to create a truly unique wedding ceremony.

Find information on the wedding ceremony music CDs and sheet music on the HOME page.

I hope this helps.