Free Mp3 Download

Music for a wedding ceremony is very personal. One size does not fit all and couples deserve to have a choice when choosing music for their wedding ceremony. This free download of "A Wedding By The Lake - Musical Excerpts" gives you an elegant option to the same old wedding ceremony music. Compare and decide for yourself.

If you like the music you have two options for the recorded music, string quartet, harp and flute or solo piano. Both CDs are beautifully recorded and are appropriate for many wedding ceremony settings. If you like the music but want live performers at your wedding ceremony, no problem! Sheet music is available for a variety of instrumentations like string quartet, solo flute, solo violin, solo piano, flute duets, solo cello and trumpet. You can even combine recorded and live performance for a truly unique wedding.

Buy CDs, Mp3 and sheet music HERE! For a small price, you can make a huge difference in your wedding ceremony.