The "Unplugged" Wedding

Do you want your wedding ceremony and reception to be “plugged in” or “unplugged?” Maybe you never thought about it. I’m listing three excellent links that discuss the subject. You can also “Google” unplugged weddings to get more information on how to gracefully ask your guests to turn their phones off. Read on for more ideas!

Almost everyone has a smartphone capable of taking great pictures, which is fantastic. However, most likely, you hired a professional photographer to capture the moments of your wedding day. While candid shots can be fun and easily posted to social media websites, the photos that you will really treasure are the ones that the professional takes. You might also find some very unflattering pictures of you floating around the Internet, posted as a joke by one of your friends. Would you find that funny?

Why hire a professional? Why not just let our friends use their smartphones? First of all, a professional photographer’s equipment is far superior to the smartphone cameras. They also have backup cameras. They know how set up photos and know when to take pictures and when not to. Don’t interfere with the professional.

It costs a lot of money for each guest you invite to your wedding. They will probably enjoy it more if they aren’t worrying about the next text message or phone call.

If your guests are concerned about taking pictures, most likely they are missing out on the moment. I have personally done this when making video tapes of family celebrations like graduations, etc. Sure, I got it on tape but I missed out on the actual event.

Picture this: you are just about to say “I Do” when one of your guests receives a phone call blasting out the ring tone of “Bad To The Bone!”

Picture this: you look out from the altar a see a dozen of your guests checking email, texting or playing video games.

How do you feel about this topic?

Good luck and have fun! I hope this helps.


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