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Made  Our Wedding   June 13, 2013    5.0 out of 5 stars
By  happydad
Format:Audio CD/Amazon Verified Purchase

  • I recently purchased the "A Wedding By The Lake" CD for my daughter's wedding. We were looking for something classy and unique to play for the wedding ceremony and during the reception. Most of the other music on Amazon is the traditional "here comes the bride" genre. We wanted something different that would make the wedding special. It created a nice background during the reception. My wife and I enjoy listening to it in the car. We highly recommend it.

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Loved this CD!       May 22, 2013     5.0 out of 5 stars
By  MaryK     
Format: Audio CD|Amazon Verified Purchase

  • What a refreshing change - original music for a wedding ceremony! I purchased this CD for our daughter, whose wedding was held last weekend. RJ's music was perfect for her ceremony - she chose "Rose Petals" for her bridesmaids and maid of honor, and then used "White Lace" for her own entrance. We used every selection on the CD for music before and after the ceremony. We received many compliments from our guests on our choice of music, and I am thrilled with this purchase. I highly recommend this CD - it made our daughter's wedding unique and beautiful.

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Original wedding music!   May 22, 2013    5.0 out of 5 stars
By Dolorior
Format:Audio CD/Amazon Verified Purchase

  • I purchased the CD of "A Wedding By The Lake" because I wanted some non-traditional music for our recent wedding ceremony. It was held in the lobby of a hotel, and the reception was held in the adjoining ballroom. It was just what I was looking for! We used almost all of the pieces on the album, and our family and friends loved the selections. In addition, I wanted a good friend of ours to play a flute solo during the ceremony, and I was able to download the sheet music to one of my favorite pieces on the album easily. It really made our ceremony personal. I highly recommend this CD for brides looking for something special.

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A DJ's Review        March 19, 2013     5.0 out of 5 stars
By djpete
Format:Audio CD/Amazon Verified Purchase

  • As a professional DJ, I have been getting requests from couples for the "A Wedding By The Lake" CD to use for their wedding ceremonies. I picked up a copy and recently played it for the first time at an outdoor ceremony. The atmosphere that it created was wonderful and I got many compliments. The instrumentation alone was very believable for an outdoor ceremony. My traditional wedding CDs are going back on the shelf. It is nice to have something new.


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Professional Review by Kelly O'Neil - A Wedding By The Lake - Classical Wedding Ceremony Music, CCM Magazine, U Magazine, Crosswalk Magazine, Reader's Digest

Artist:                           R.J. Mitchell
Album Title:                  A Wedding by the Lake                                  (independent label)
Reviewers Name:         Kelly O’Neil
Rating:   5 stars

  • Pachelbel’s “Canon” is a lovely piece however its overuse has started to degrade its appeal as a bridal entrance song.  Additionally there have been numerous spoofs of Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” that many couples may decide against choosing this for their recessional.  For those blissful couples planning their special matrimonial day and wanting romantically traditional classical music, R.J. Mitchell has composed an all-in-one album A Wedding by the Lake.  This collection can be used as is or as a starting point for music selection.  The sheet music is available for purchase online if live musicians are desired and Mitchell also provides helpful wedding planning information on his website to help couples from getting overwhelmed.

Minnesota-based Four Voices String Quartet breathe life into Mitchell’s compositions starting with “As We Gather,” a stately welcoming Baroque piece that would be most appropriate as the last song of the prelude prior to the seating of the family during the wedding ceremony.  The quartet blends nicely as musical recollections of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” are conjured when the first violin plays brief shining melodic moments while the other strings accompany with block chords.  +“A Mother’s Love” is more solemn and poignant.  An extended version of this piece is available making this song fitting for not just the seating of the family but also for the receiving line afterwards.

While the bride’s entrance is the main anticipated event, the flower girl’s promenade is equally as enticing.  What perfect fit for her adorable walk down the aisle than “Rose Petals.”  Special guest Min Kim adds harp to this piece along with the string quartet in this lovely, hushed, pure song of serenity that also holds a sense of anticipation.  Now all eyes turn to the back of the room as the bride slowly processes in to “White Lace.”  It is bright and lively, exuding happiness and sweet purity.  Once the couple is now pronounced husband and wife, hand in hand they joyfully recess to “Jubilation.”

As an accomplished musician himself, Mitchell has provided the musical backdrop for countless wedding ceremonies and receptions.  He is extremely familiar with the order of events and the mood each should depict throughout this monumental day.  In addition to writing music for the wedding ceremony itself he has also composed numerous incidental pieces.

“Candle” is a solemn tune that could be played while the couple is lighting the unity candle if they wish to include that segment in their ceremony.  It could also be inserted as one of the prelude pieces prior to the entrance of the wedding party.  Other prelude pieces might include the playful “Prelude to Romance” with the strings sashaying around this jovial melody or the lilting succinct “Cupid’s Fancy.”

Once the couple is married, the music does not stop.  It is time for the reception which usually starts with a cocktail hour as a transition phase.  The tender waltz “With This Ring” would fit this setting or as background dinner music.  “Hopes and Dreams” is a more rolling waltz with a glint of showiness.  While suitable for cocktail hour, it also sounds like a dance scene from Camelot or some other lighthearted medieval romance.  Another tune with a hint at Hollywood glamour is the amorous “Altar of Love.”

Mitchell’s tunes encompass a variety of musical tastes and styles.  The string quartet performs the mischievous syncopated “Danse D’Amour” with ease as well as plays the modulation from minor to major keys in “The Journey Ahead” flawlessly.  This imploring, evocative song is one of the most interesting on the album as is “Something Old, Something New.”  This modern flowing song features nice chord progressions reminiscent of Debussy’s “La Mer.”  With an air of sophistication the strings magnanimously play the triple pianissimo ending beautifully.

For a classical sounding wedding that is not filled with overplayed classical favorites, look no further than A
Wedding by the 
Lake.  Or for the avid string quartet aficionado Mitchell’s music is sure to delight.


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Review of "A Wedding By The Lake" - Published in Mobile Beat Magazine - May 2013

Unique Yet Familiar


By Ryan Burger (Publisher -  Mobile Beat Magazine)

  • During the 25+ years that I have been a DJ, and especially for the 15 of those years that I was doing weddings every weekend, I would regularly be handling sound for the wedding ceremony as well. An easy service add-on, it began as a free upgrade, but soon became a common $100-$350 upgrade.

In those ceremony situations, about half the time the bride and groom would want the traditional "Bridal March," "Canon in D," "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring," or something similar, and it would just be all about picking the right version. Many times we would also use contemporary music for either the entrance or the recessional, sometimes using something fun like "This Will Be (an Everlasting Love)" by Natalie Cole, "I Say A Little Prayer" from My Best Friend's Wedding, or the like. Many times the couple would have found something unique that worked well just for them.

Now I have a CD to play for the couples that are looking for something more traditional-sounding, but not over-used. Written and produced by R.J.Mitchell, a DJ from Burnsville, Minnesota, it is called A Wedding By The Lake and is published by Burnpark Publishing.

The tracks are matched specifically to certain parts of the wedding. As R.J. says, "Every bride I ever met wanted her wedding to be unique, but they still walk down the aisle to "Here Comes The Bride." As an alternative, he offers his track "White Lace" to the bride. Other tracks on the disc cover the seating of the mothers, the recessional, and the entrance of the bridal party.

Beautifully orchestrated and recorded by a topnotch string quartet, harp and flute, the music sounds similar enough to the traditional fare that people know that it's wedding music, but not so close that it sounds like the same old thing.

I highly recommend that DJs pick up this CD or buy the download through to add this "different" option to their offerings.

You can sample all the tracks through the website and either buy the whole collection or just individual tracks.  MB

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Review by Former Rock Star Bobby Borg (80's Band "Warrant") who currently teaches music marketing at UCLA and The Musician's Institute in L.A.

Great sounds, Great Recording

  • Man, this sounds awesome. Holy Batman! I love classical music...and this sounds really good - great musicianship, great sounds, great it!